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New Blog

Welcome to the new blog for the Vintage Jewelry Team. In a recent conversation with Darlene, the Vintage Jewelry Team’s new Captain, I was asked to manage the team blog. Yet with the changes to the team over the last couple months, no one had access to the existing page. Which prompted me to look into organizing a new site.

As I looked around at the possible new homes for this page each of the free blogger sites had limitations. While also loading advertisements which just didn’t coincide with our team’s interests. This along with my familiarity with helped to convince me a place of our own was the best choice. Thus was born.

Kicking Around Ideas for the New Blog

New BlogSince I already had a hosting account for my own site Estates in Time with enough spare room for multiple pages. Plus, with the cost of a new domain being about the same price as a fast food meal. It seemed to make sense that I should build our own website instead of relying on any of the supposedly free blogging sites.

Afterall there is an abundance of add-ons (plugins) which can be accessed from WordPress to build any style of webpage your interested in.

So with that decided, it was time to get down to work. One of my first goals was to make the Blog recognizable. By using colors, images, and slogans used by the team previously. Drawing from the logo used on Etsy and slogans from the existing blog I created the new logo shown at the top of each page. Tying the logo’s turquoise color into various elements around the page.

Then I began to play around with ideas to make our blog stand out. To me, this team has been one of the best group of people I have had the pleasure to deal with. A truly friendly community which works together and freely shares information to help each other.

That said, I wanted to make this new blog something the members could be proud of. As well as offer something unique to our customers.

Inspiring the New Blog with Successes of the Past

New Blog

One of the first things I noticed when joining this team was some of the marketing strategies the group uses to help members of the team. Such as the curated boards of the Vintage Jewelry Team. With 34 pages of specifically selected articles grouped by style. These boards have allowed visitors to window shop by their interest since I joined the team in 2014. In keeping with this tradition links to the boards are now on the home page of the Vintage Jewelry Team Blog.

Birthstones of August
Another interesting tool is the “Shop The Vintage Jewelry Team On Etsy” button. Found on the right side of most pages and in the footer of every page. By using this tool visitors are able to sort Etsy by Vintage Jewelry Team members.

Both of these tools have been on the Etsy Team page forever, so it is only fitting that they be here on our new blog for everyone to see and use.

Yet there are even more useful links and tools here on the blog. The “Our Stores” page is another variation of the Etsy Team page showing members shop icon, shop name, location, number of sales, review standings, and the date the member joined Etsy as a small banner. With each banner linking to the member’s shop.

All in all, these features for the new blog should give our team some broad exposure to customers of vintage and antique jewelry. But I wanted to give even more reasons for people to visit the blog besides just reading monthly articles.

Adding More Features to the New Blog

So, if you have looked around the new blog I’m sure you have noticed this flashing banner in the page sidebars. Which I feel is a nice feature for team members to use. Using one of the many plugins offered on WordPress. I set this scrolling banner up to advertise shop sales events.

A tool where events can be scheduled in advance and the advertisement will run while the event is going on. Team members can submit their own artwork, then add their starting date and ending date. Allowing the advert to run on schedule then deactivate after the sale has ended.

Another new feature is the “Team Resources” page. In the spirit of sharing and with the belief that an informed customer is a happy customer. I have included the resources team members have been compiling since 2014.

This page features links to some of the best research information we have found on the Internet as well as a list of books we have found useful. As a resource guide and with the nature of the internet itself, these links may change from time to time. so it is my intention to update this page periodically. To include new information and delete dead links as they come to light.

And Finally The New Blog Itself

And finally about the new blog itself. Or at least how I would like to see it grow. In the past four years since I joined the VJ Team, I have come to realize just how knowledgeable our members are. Each with an interesting story to tell.

Whether it is about the jewelry they sell or tips they have learned selling at markets along the way. Today our new Team Blog just opened its doors and I would strongly encourage any member with a story to get involved. After all, this site has been built to benefit each of us.

Bruce Barnwell
Owner of Estates in Time on Etsy

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