Welcome New Member: Abbey Ewing of “Abbey’s Vintage Shop”

Abbeys Vintage Shop

I welcome Abbey Ewing from Abbey’s Vintage Shop

The Vintage Jewelry Team is proud to welcome our newest member, Abbey Ewing from Abbey’s Vintage Shop. I had the pleasure of communicating with Abbey through a set of interview questions.

Abbey, we are so happy to have you as part of The Vintage Jewelry Team. As part of the interview process, I took a look at your shop on Etsy. I liked your banner of vintage fashion photos in pink mauve tones. It sets the mood for your shop. Next, I notice the jewelry, an electric mix of costume jewelry. I saw that you opened your shop in 2016. The shop has 259 items currently listed for sale, 237 in total sales, and a 5-star rating with 87 glowing reviews.

Margie: Abbey, how and why did you get started collecting Vintage Jewelry?

Abbey: I started collecting vintage jewelry from a young age when my parents started to buy it for me. I loved dressing up in princess outfits and layering my arms with bangles and costume jewelry. As the years progressed I grew attached to the jewelry and have kept it since.

Margie: Visions of a little girl in a princess dress with bracelets dancing in the wind made me smile. I could see every holiday and birthday, boxes of colorful jewelry.

Why did you open a shop on Etsy?

Abbeys Vintage Shop
Abbey: I opened up a shop in Etsy when I realized that I had way too much jewelry to be considered ‘healthy.’ I wanted to share my jewelry and Etsy turned out to be the best website for that!

Margie: Isn’t this true for a lot of us, when we get the collecting bug? At least vintage jewelry is smaller than collecting antique lamps. 

Why do you think Etsy is the best website for selling vintage jewelry?

 Abbey: I think that’s Etsy is the best website to sell vintage jewelry because of the amazing quality of items and it is very nicely organized. Etsy doesn’t let just anything sell on their website, which allows it to be a clean and well managed.

Margie: What hopes, dreams and goals do you have for your Etsy shop?

Abbey: My hope (as it would be for any Etsy shop owner) is for my shop to grow efficiently and to get more recognition. However, I always dreamed of one day being able to donate a percentage of the funds to a local dog shelter or our veterans. These charities touch my heart because they make me realize how fortunate I am to have the life that I do. Whether it’s the dogs seeking homes or the veterans that fight for us, everyone deserves a good home and love. My goal is to make a steady income and be able to give back.

Margie: How wonderful Abbey, to give back through a gift that was given to you. What is your favorite type of jewelry, period of jewelry and/or designer?  Why does it inspire you?

Abbeys Vintage Shop
My favorite type of jewelry has always been brooches or earrings. I love the 1950’s-1960’s era of jewelry due to the rareness and beauty of each piece. Ladies wore beautiful beaded necklace throughout the 1960’s. Here is an example from my shop.

1960’s jewelry inspires me because it makes me realize how much jewelry has changed as people evolve into new eras.

Margie: How would you answer this? My shop on Etsy will be successful when…

Abbey: My shop on Etsy will be successful when…I make people happy and inspired with their purchases.

Margie: What do you like about having a shop on Etsy?

Abbey: I like meeting new people and finding people that have the same interest in jewelry as I do.

Margie: Where do you find most of your best items?

Abbey: I find most of my best items from my own personal stash of jewelry and from local sales in my area.

Margie: What other things would like us to know about you and/or your shop?

Abbeys Vintage Shop
Abbey: All things in my shop are geared towards different types of people. You will find a little of each kind of personality when searching through my pieces. An example of an item that a person may like to buy would be this jewelry lot:  It’s really something that could appeal to people who love to craft.

In my shop, I also have varieties of other jewelry geared towards people that love holidays, people that require certain jewelry (clip-on earrings or pierced earrings) or people that love to create with beads or fabrics.

Margie: What is the best advice anyone gave you about selling vintage items?

Abbey: The best advice that anyone has given me about selling vintage items is, ‘Not everyone is going to like it. Nor is everyone going to buy it but that shouldn’t stop you from living and pursuing your dream’.

Margie: What is the best advice you can give to someone else about selling vintage items?

Abbey: My best advice is to be helpful, kind, and always be willing to help others when selling vintage (or any items) in general. When I first started my shop, I got my first couple orders and was still trying to figure out Etsy. One lady was kind and patient as I worked through her order. Even though I was trying to get the hang of Etsy, she still gave me a great review. From then on, that is one trait I wanted to keep while owning this shop…kindness. No matter who you are talking too, show them kindness.

Margie: Abbey, you can never go wrong with kindness and beautiful jewelry.

Margie Homan

5 thoughts on “Welcome New Member: Abbey Ewing of “Abbey’s Vintage Shop”

  1. Darlene says:

    We are glad that Abbey recently joined the VJT! She has a wonderful mix of vintage jewelry and collectibles in her shop…..sharing, caring and the love of vintage, a great combination! Wishing her much success!

    • Abbey Ewing says:

      Thank you so much Darlene, Margie and everyone that made this article/supported it! It really means a lot and I hope that many other shops get to experience this! 🙂 I wish everyone much success!

      • Bruce Barnwell says:

        You’re quite welcome Abbey, you have a wonderful shop. We are hoping to post two interviews a month as we work our way through the membership. As the Administrator of the Blog, I would like to see all of our members get involved, the blog is a great tool for generating interest and spotlighting the excellent members we have here on the Vintage Jewelry Team.

  2. Marirose Ziemba says:

    I’m a little late in reading all the interviews here, but am really enjoying them. Abbey it’s so great to meet you and to have you on our team. Loved your interview and your shop!

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