Etsy Shipping, Know Your Options to get Cash Back from Credit Cards

Etsy Shipping

The one thing that is constant on Etsy seems to be “Change” as we saw recently with the Etsy Shipping. and Billing changes. These were two changes that did cause quite a stir. Where some grumbled and others quit. As business owners we always have options, and it is always best to know your options,

Even US Today had an article covering the flustration some dealers were experiencing. But truly, leaving to another venue isn’t your only or best option. I’m sure if you have an established shop on Etsy, you have spent a considerable amount of time building your presence there. Listing your items, and gaining a following, this all takes time. The time that you will spend again if you sit up shop in a new venue.

While I don’t agree with Etsy’s decision to charge 5% on shipping fees. They aren’t the only marketplace to adopt this fee. I clearly remember when eBay began charging the fee, and Etsy echoed the same reasoning as eBay when installing the charge. Yet I also remember extremely high shipping quotes on eBay back in those days. Not so much on Etsy. Which kinda bothers me since I know Etsy receives a premiere shipping discount from the USPS and FedEx. While only passing a portion of the savings on to Sellers.

Still, the biggest complaint I have seen has been Etsy’s decision to extract fees prior to their payout to dealers. This has cost many vendors a nice chunk of cash. Where we were once able to recoup some cost by paying our bills with credit cards which offered cash back.

But we do have options! Some that give us more services than we presently have with Etsy. While making the integration to our Etsy Shops as easy as a single click of the mouse.

Shipping Options Beyond Etsy Shipping Labels

Etsy ShippingIf your costs are anything like mine Shipping Labels makes up a large percentage of the monthly bill. And while running an online market there is no way to avoid shipping cost. So getting that monthly rebate from the Credit Card business came in handy.

But with Etsy’s new policy to deduct their fees from our payment accounts to reduce the monthly “End of the Month Charge”. That rebate so many looked forward to, exited stage left much like this mail truck is doing.

One thing I have heard over and over from successful business owners is that you have to adapt! Business has a knack for throwing you curveballs and the way you react will decide if you succeed or fail. Well, Etsy just threw that curveball and here are some choices of how you can react.

Using EasyShip to Handle Your Etsy Shipping

Easyshipping for Etsy Shipping
Easyship labels themselves as a “Free Shipping Service” due to the fact there is no monthly fees or membership dues. You only pay for the services you use which they advertise as being up to 70% less than the Retail Shipping Cost. This is how they explain their ability to do this:

  No subscriptions or monthly fees

We are the only real FREE shipping platform. There are no subscription fees or monthly fees. You only pay for the shipping cost. How do we make money? With our consolidated volume, we have stronger negotiation power with couriers to get better deals for you and commissions for us.

While also offering more than 100+ shipping services from major couriers such as DHL, FedEx, USPS, and UPS. All with a simple click integration process to connect many of the popular E-commerce venues. Such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Shopify, or WooCommerce just to name a few.

Easyship is poised to make your domestic Etsy Shipping a snap. Yet one of the biggest advantages to using Easyship is their global presence. With operations in Hong Kong, Singapore, and the US. International Etsy Shipping couldn’t be much easier.

With the ability to automatically print International Shipping Documents including shipping labels, customs invoices, and declarations. While providing upfront pricing with no surprise bills down the road.

♦ Easyship By The Numbers

10,000+​ ​eCommerce​ ​sellers​ have saved time and money
by shipping with Easyship. While shipping 10​ ​million​ ​packages​
and counting.

Using Pirateship to Handle Your Etsy Shipping

Pirateship for Etsy Shipping
Although Easyship claims to be the only free shipping service, it really isn’t true. Pirateship is also free of membership dues or monthly fees. All you pay for is the postage you buy. However, Pirateship only provides US Postal Service postage with international shipping and documentation. They don’t deal with FedEx, UPS, or DHL.

Pirateship is a small business created by fellow E-commerce vendors who were fed up with the high cost of shipping and join together to form the company. If you would like to, please read their “Mission Statement” it answers a lot of questions about the company.

This shipping platform doesn’t boast any huge percentages that they will save you. But I can say from first-hand knowledge their cost is right in line with Etsy Shipping labels, apples to apples.

Plus integration is a snap. With single click synchronization for Chargify, Cratejoy, eBay, Etsy, Moonclerk, Recurly, Shopify, and Woocommerce. All that is required to set up shipping for your shop is a click on the service you are integrating, and your shop URL Then approve the connection with your shop.

Another nice touch is the personal customer service you would expect from a small business.

Using ShipStation to Handle Your Etsy Shipping

ShipStation for Etsy Shipping
ShipStation is a little different from the two choices above, as they do charge a monthly fee. But there are some services you get with them the others don’t offer.

Such as private branding. By uploading your store logo into the ShipStation software you will be able to display the logo on your Packing Slips, Shipment/delivery notification emails, Tracking pages, Returns portals, as well as your Shipping Labels. Similar to the Etsy Logo you see on Etsy Shipping Labels.

Another advantage to using ShipStation is the vast amount of partnerships the company has amassed. To get a clearer picture of what I am talking about you should visit their Partners page. Which will give you the information you need about their integrations and services.

A worldwide company ShipStation connects with Royal Mail, Canada Post, Australia Post, as well as the USPS through Not to mention numerous private shipping services around the globe. While integrating with Quickbooks to make your bookkeeping simple.

A Sampling of Options for your Etsy Shipping

In the sections above I have covered just a few of the options out there to handle your Etsy Shipping needs while enabling you to still receive those credit card cash back perks. Let’s face it shipping adds up fast and we can all use a little help.

Bruce Barnwell
Owner of Estates in Time on Etsy

8 thoughts on “Etsy Shipping, Know Your Options to get Cash Back from Credit Cards

  1. Margie Homan says:

    Really good article. Mark Twain said that when he died he wanted to be in Cincinnati because everything in Cincinnati is ten years behind the times. That may not be true anymore, except when it comes to me and shipping. This has cleared up some of the cobwebs. I do understand Etsy is taking 5% off the top on shipping but how do they know what are the real shipping cost? Is there a shipping standard set cost that Esty and the other shippers are using?

    • Bruce Barnwell says:

      From what I understand from talking with the reps from “Pirateship” there is a class of USPS shipping called “Cubic” and the Postal Service gives them a reduced rate… X amount per weight and size times mileage. In turn Shipping label suppliers such as Etsy, Easyship, Pirateship, and pass along part of those savings and pocket part as their commission.

      I’m sure other companies like UPS, Fedex, and DHL do the same thing.

  2. Darlene says:

    It always ‘pays’ to stay informed of options to help run our Etsy shops as cost effective as possible. thanks Bruce! for providing this very informative and helpful article on shipping options.

  3. Carol says:

    Bruce I have a question about the shipping blog.

    If you use one of those shipping providers with your Etsy shop; don’t you still have to pay Etsy the 5% fee for whatever you charge your customers to ship? If that is the case what is the real advantage to shipping with lets say Pirate Ship? Are the fees so much less than what we pay here on Etsy that it can absorb some the 5% we are being charged?

    Thank you so much for the article.

    • Bruce Barnwell says:

      Hey Carol,

      Yes Etsy will still charge the 5%, plus with the other change they made they take their fees out before paying you.

      Before they billed you at the end of the month. So if you used a credit card to pay your bill that had a cash back incentive you were getting some of your payment back… Sometimes 2 – 5% according to the credit card you used.

      By taking those fees before paying us, many lost that cash back.

      Using one of the other shipping services I mentioned you can pay them with the credit card and get your cash back.

      From my experience the shipping fees through these providers are the same as Etsy Labels

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