Vintage Rubies to Complement Pantone’s Hot Fall Color for 2018, Red

Vintage Rubies

Webster’s dictionary states the definition of a trend as something of a prevailing tendency or inclination, a current style or preference. When we, at VintageDiamondRing, travel the world we are seeking antique and vintage engagement rings that encompass the latest trends. However, we also want antique engagement rings that are beautiful, pristine, and ones that will always stay classic. Ones that you will pass down for generations to come. When I want to find the latest “it color,” there is only one place I look, and that is toward the Pantone color chart. Pantone’s hot color for fall is red. The first image that comes to mind, when I think of red, is the one and only precious gemstones, Vintage Rubies.

A Little Knowledge about Vintage Rubies

Vintage Rubies, Victorian Burma Ruby
Rubies are from the family of corundum and come from mines including the Burma, Thai, and Africa (Siam). While the Burma (or Burmese) ruby is also known by its nickname, “pigeon blood,” for its deep red color.

Keeping in mind, a natural Burma ruby which has had no treatments will demand a very high price tag in today’s marketplace.

This gemstone has been popular throughout many eras of history. Including the Art Deco, Retro, Victorian, and Mid Century eras. Still today they are in very high demand.

Rubies have very good durability and rate a 9 on the Moes scale of hardness. Yet a key fact to note is a ruby will always have an imperfection within, known as silk. Also, VintageDiamondRing’s collection of ruby gemstones will always be ethical and conflict-free.

The Vintage Rubies of Art Deco

Vintage Rubies, Art Deco Diamond And Synthetic Ruby
The ruby celebrates its birthday in July. Mythically, the ruby has long been known to ward off evil spirits and promote healing.

A common theme found has rubies often being set as beautiful accents to complementing a center diamond.

Especially during the Art Deco era. As jewelers loved using rubies, or synthetic rubies, to compliment glittering old European or mine cut diamonds within completed for, or filigree, embellished rings.

To illustrate, this Art Deco ruby engagement ring is the perfect example of Art Deco at its finest! An added note, we never source any rubies, and they will always originate from estates.

Vintage Rubies into the Retro Era

Vintage Rubies, Retro Burma Ruby Diamond
The 1940’s, or the Retro era, was a time of celebration after many years of the depression.

With “statement” rings being in high demand. For this reason, jewelers answered the call with designs where beautiful rubies were paired together with mine cut diamonds set in gorgeous rose gold.

Creating unique rings of style and elegance.

Accordingly, this Retro ruby and diamond ring is the perfect example of this style and the sophistication of the 1940’s.

Vintage Rubies of the Mid-Century

Vintage Rubies, Siamese Ruby And Diamond
The Midcentury (specifically the 1970’s and 1980’s) saw a huge rise in demand for precious gemstones, especially rubies.

Middle East customers were demanding very large rubies, with no heat treatment, from all over the world, such as Siam and Thailand.

Today, ruby engagement rings are still very much in demand throughout the world, especially with consumers from the Far East.

As an example, this Vintage no heat Siamese Ruby and Diamond ring from the 1970’s

Final Thoughts on Vintage Rubies

As you can see we love ruby engagement rings. Tell us which one is your favorite on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages!

Vintage Rubies to Complement Pantone’s Hot Fall Color for 2018, Red - The Vintage Jewelry Team : Pantone’s 2018 hot color for fall is red. The first image that comes to mind, when I think of red, is the one and only precious gemstones, Vintage Rubies.
Suzanne Sachs
Owner of Art Deco Diamonds on Etsy

9 thoughts on “Vintage Rubies to Complement Pantone’s Hot Fall Color for 2018, Red

  1. Margie says:

    Very nice article and helpful information. Suzanne, do have you any hints when we are out at an estate sale and see ruby jewelry? How do we know we are getting our money worth?

  2. Sandy says:

    I have found a beautiful pair of earrings with carved blue stone drops. They are unmarked but test 14 K if possible I would like help with identifying the stone–Lapis?? I would appreciate any help with this.

  3. Bruce Barnwell says:

    Hey Suzanne, I noticed in your article you talked about untreated rubies, is there any tell-tell signs that point to a ruby being heat treated?

  4. Sharon says:

    Great article and selection of rings, Suzanne! I love rubies and it’s my birthstone too. I worked with rubies in the diamond center and the more intense vibrant bright color, the better usually a violet red. Small flaws are natural in rubies versus synthetic ones. Quality ruby jewelry is expensive so if it sounds too good to be true then it is!

  5. suzanne says:

    Usually if a ruby isn’t synthetic and it resides in an old Art Deco or Victorian setting it will probably not be treated or have little treatment. 99.9 % of NEW rubies will be treated, that is why untreated and unheated rubies are very much in demand and very expensive! We certify gemstones either at the GIA or AGL labs in NYC.

  6. Suzanne says:

    We love pigeon blood color for rubies which will come from the infamous Burma mine. A type of a flaw/imperfection in a ruby or sapphire is called “SILK” and will show us that it is indeed not treated.

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