Tips and Tricks You Can Use to Improve Your Etsy Google Traffic

Etsy Google Traffic

Ok, let’s face it, with all the changes to Etsy’s search algorithms over the past year it’s hard to make it without good Etsy Google Traffic. That part of the Etsy Stats labeled “External Search”. But how can you improve that without investing more time than you have? Or worst paying out the nose to some supposed SEO Guru?

First and foremost search engines love links, but the wrong types of links can be a coffins nail. But it’s mostly common sense. You wouldn’t be looking through a¬†Lingerie website to find Men’s work boots. ūüôā Yeah that’s¬†a little extreme, but you get the idea. And paid links are a real no-no, trust me Google knows the difference.

Some of the most popular links everyone uses is Social Media. Where you can spend hours combing your friend’s post, pinning to Pinterest, or tweeting on Twitter. And of course, you can set up Google Adwords or Google Shopping. But the things I want to mention in this article are some of the little things. Things that are free to use and takes very little time to set up. But pays tremendous¬†dividends over time.

Using Gravatar to Build Etsy Google Traffic

Using Gravatar to Build Etsy Google TrafficIf you have never heard of Gravatar or have no idea what I’m talking about, don’t be surprised. It is a free service which is part of So you will have to create a WordPress account, but this account is also free.

But be sure to fill out the profile section of the new WordPress account. Even if you don’t plan to use the account to build a blog. Google does use robots to check profiles.

At any rate, basically, it is an Avatar or Profile Photo which follows your email address around the internet. So that anytime you enter your email to make a comment on a blog or news article the Gravatar replaces the generic blank avatar beside your comment. Which is kinda cool just in itself, but really it is so much more.

When setting up a Gravatar you will be able to build a profile. With a biography of yourself and your store. Listing any information you would like to share. As well as create a link from the Gravatar to your Etsy Shop page. This way anytime you share a comment you will be creating high-quality links. Which Google will love.

One bit of advice I would like to add. If you do decide to create a Gravatar be sure to use the same Profile picture you use in your shop.

Building Etsy Google Traffic Through Google+

Building Etsy Google Traffic Through Google+While many think of Google+ as a failed Social Media outlet, including Google themselves to some degree. The site isn’t going away. In fact, it has been going through a complete remake over the past few years.

Through Collections, the site offers photo storage, which can be linked to your shop page. A tool I often see questions about in the VJT Discussions.

While also allowing you to arrange photos into like styles or groups to increase the chance of them being found. That said, Google has not officially said that sharing to “Collections” increases the chance of appearing in Google Images. But it only makes sense that they will. Since it will be easier for Google to find them in Google’s own databases.

Attracting Etsy Google Traffic Through your Photos

Attracting Etsy Google Traffic Through your Photos

Another great avenue to bring Etsy Google Traffic is “Google Images”. In fact, the SEO research firm, Moz, claims 1/3 of all Google searches are for images. But there is a catch.

Google will link the picture to the site it finds it on unless the image is a clickable link. Or worst completely ignore the photo if the robot doesn’t understand what the image is. This is where the attribute “Alt-Text” comes in.

You really don’t have to worry about this attribute in the photos you upload to your shop. Etsy takes care of this as a part of their SEO by using your title as the Alt-text. But anywhere else you post a picture. Such as a photo storage site, Facebook, or Twitter you should try to make the picture a clickable link and/or try to add Alt-Text.

For example, on Facebook, you have two options. To make your picture a clickable link simply copy and paste the URL address into the “Write a post” comment area. Then publish the comment. Once your clickable image is posted it is best¬†to¬†edit the post. You can do this by clicking the 3 dots in the upper right corner. Then clean up the listing by deleting the URL address. It is not needed anymore.

Your second option is to “Upload Photo/Video”. While adding an image in this manner will not be a clickable link. It will give you a better picture on Facebook.¬† Once the photo has published using this method you should always go back and edit the image to add “Alt-Text”. Using a short descriptive note with keywords that describe what the image is. This tells the Google robot what the photo is about.

Using Anchor Text to Increase Etsy Google Traffic

Using Anchor Text to Increase Etsy Google TrafficAs mentioned before it is very important to get quality links back to your shop. This not only means finding ways to link with other sites which have a common interest with your site. But it also matters how the link is set up.

For instance, I could link to my shop by listing the URL address:

For all intense and purposes, this link will get you to my shop. But it does nothing to help my shop with Google. Whereas, if I use some basic HTML code:

<a href=””> Etsy Vintage Jewelry</a>

The keywords Etsy Vintage Jewelry becomes the link. So over time as these keywords are used to link to my shop, Google will start to associate my shop with Etsy Vintage Jewelry.

Of course, there are a lot of sites that will not let you use HTML. Also, it is not something you want to overdo. Since some blogs may see this as spamming them. Especially if you make a general comment like “Nice Post” then add a link. But as long as your comment is thoughtful and adds something to the discussion most blogs don’t mind a link back.

If you are interested in learning more about HTML W3Schools has an excellent website tutorial.

Tips and Tricks You Can Use to Improve Your Etsy Google Traffic - Vintage Jewelry Team : With all the changes to Etsy's search algorithms over the past year, it only makes sense to learn the Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Etsy Google Traffic
Bruce Barnwell
Owner of Estates in Time on Etsy

9 thoughts on “Tips and Tricks You Can Use to Improve Your Etsy Google Traffic

  1. Sharon says:

    Thank you very much Bruce for this information. I am so impressed with your article and expertise! Fabulous job! I do have an old WordPress account with my profile which is free. I have several blogs and always added to the same blogs since they were of the same topics. I never knew if that was good to do. Is it better make separate blogs/posts each time or does Google acknowledge the added information when I update the old ones? Thanks so much for this important information!

    • Bruce Barnwell says:

      Hey Sharon, really I believe it is better to add a new post than to just revise an older one. for the simple fact, the new post will entice readers to come to see what is new. But to add links to both the new and older articles so google will begin to see both articles as more important. While Google robots will most likely see the additions to an older post and give credit for new information I think a new article with links tying the two together will be better.

  2. Sharon says:

    Thank you so much Bruce for your help! So I should link the new article with the old? Is there a special internal way or just add the link within the new post?

    • Bruce Barnwell says:

      Well if you are using WordPress all you need to do is highlight the phrase you want to use as the link then click the link tool on your toolbar and add the full URL of where you want to link to.

  3. Margie Homan says:

    Great information Bruce. This is a question about Gravatars. Many of our members do not use their last names and try to keep their personal life and information separate from their online lives. Is there a way to use a Gravatar to do that?

    • Bruce Barnwell says:

      If I’m not mistaken, (it has been a long time since I set mine up), you can fill out the profile any way you wish to. So I believe you could use the information you have listed publicly in your Etsy Shop.

    • Bruce Barnwell says:

      Your welcome Darlene, with all the changes to Etsy over the last year we all need as much help as we can get. Many times I have found that my Google traffic is greater than the Etsy traffic this year

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