Vintage Jewelry Team Has Educational Focus and Social Media Venues

Vintage Jewelry Captain, Darlene shares her thoughts…

Vintage Jewelry TeamRecently, a newer member asked me what the Vintage Jewelry Team was all about and how we can help promote each other…so I thought I’d share my reply to her and add to it in an article for the Team’s Blog.

What is the Vintage Jewelry Team?

According to Etsy, presently there are over 11k active teams on the Etsy community space platform.

The Vintage Jewelry Team is made up of shop owners who sell and have an interest in vintage jewelry. Our team is a place where members can meet to collectively share a wealth of information about vintage jewelry, help to educate by providing threads for vintage jewelry identification and related resources. However, in the realm of the ever-changing online market, it is important to stay informed of matters that affect our business. We do have discussions on that as well. As well as supporting active social marketing venues to help gain exposure for our member‘s shops.

As you see, there are many advantages and opportunities our team offer for its’ members.

Our Team’s Focus

Vintage Jewelry TeamOur team’s focus leans toward the educational aspect of vintage jewelry, such as help with identification, jewelry tips of the trade and so on……along with help, support and sharing information on matters that affect our shops and online business.

When it comes to promoting, we do encourage participation in our social marketing venues…the ones we have in place at this time are the Team Blog, Facebook, and Pinterest.

For some time now, we have gotten away from “faving” game threads which involved favoring/hearting teammates items. Altho other shop owners may also be buyers, we believe that efforts are best spent by attempting to reach buyers through our team’s social marketing venues. VJT leadership agrees that our team’s social marketing efforts are the best direction to go. We will work in the face of what is viable today to help our members gain exposure to potential new customers and have successful Etsy shops.

Team’s Social Media Efforts

Vintage Jewelry Team

Our team blog is relatively new and our Facebook page just is started up again. We are slowly gathering steam on these venues. Also, we are active on Pinterest. We want to encourage all members to get involved with our social media. Everyone has something of value to offer!

Here are ways you can help:

On the blog, you can read the articles and leave comments or a question. As well, as sharing to your own social media, such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and/or Twitter. We are always looking for guest articles on vintage jewelry or running an online business.

If you use Facebook, you can like the Vintage Jewelry Page and follow. Share and like post and photos that interest you. Invite others to like our Team Page. You can also reply to post with comments or share with Instagram by adding hashtags to the posts.

Pinterest gives you the opportunity to share pins on your own boards or on other boards.

What is the state of the Vintage Jewelry Team today?

Our team is small averaging around 200 members. Some members have been on the team long before I joined on. I have seen over the years that the team has persevered because of many that have stepped up and support the team in many different ways. This team has always had a willingness to adapt to changing times.

It is probably more important now than ever for the team to join together and face the challenges ahead as we make the transition to our new community team space on Etsy.

Above all, dedicated members are the essence of any team and do require everyone’s help to continue moving forward.

In closing…

Vintage Jewelry TeamIf you are a member of the Vintage Jewelry Team, my hope is that members find some time to participate and contribute in any way you can. Every little contribution counts.

If you sell vintage jewelry on Etsy and would like to join Vintage Jewelry Team, please apply. Our team is a moderate team meaning one in which someone must apply for membership. One of our team’s requirements is that members maintain a 50% inventory in vintage jewelry in their shops. More information and a ‘Join the Team’ button in the link here.

We always look forward to meeting new members. By joining our team you can help the team grow in strength and purpose as well as help your shop.

Vintage Jewelry Team Has Educational Focus and Social Media Venues - Vintage Jewelry Team : The Vintage Jewelry Team is Etsy;s shop owners who sell and have an interest in vintage jewelry. Members share information about vintage jewelry.
Vintage Jewelry Team Captain and Owner of darsjewelrybox on Etsy

6 thoughts on “Vintage Jewelry Team Has Educational Focus and Social Media Venues

  1. Bruce Barnwell says:

    First of all, I would like to say Thank you, Darlene, for all of your support and leadership to the Team. It is always a pleasure to work with you. I can not stress enough how many wonderful and knowledgable members we have on this team.

    The Team Blog is really starting to take off and we just couldn’t do it without the Team members who have taken the time to participate and I would love to hear from more members… Everyone has a story to tell. Now, I’m sure some worry about writing skills or time frames. But as Editor of the Blog, I don’t mind taking time to help and work with anyone who has a story to tell.

    Thank you to Everyone who is making this Blog a success!

    • Darlene says:

      Bruce, you are always so willing to help and someone that makes the VJT a special team.
      When asked if you would be interested in putting together a Team Blog, you jumped right in there and made it happen, doing that was ‘huge’ on your part and what an amazing blog it is!
      You have made being Captain of this great team a lot easier for me and I am truly thankful for all that you do!

  2. Margie Homan says:

    Darlene, we appreciate your willingness to step up to the up to the base and go to bat for all of us. I am encouraged daily by your optimism, wisdom, and leadership. It is a pleasure to be a member of this team.

    Bruce, thank you for your leadership, vision, and hard work on the Team’s blog. This blog would not have been possible without you.

    Members take Bruce up on his offer. This team does have unlimited knowledge and stories to tell. Learning and sharing information has been a foundation brick of this team, and it still is.

    • Darlene says:

      Margie, thank you for all of your many talents you give to the team! You are an integral part of the team, working along side Bruce on the blog and managing the team’s Facebook.

      I can say ’back at you’ Margie, for the encouragement and support you have given me, it is certainly a pleasure to be in leadership with you and the VJT is very fortunate to have such a multi talented, giving and caring person such as yourself on the team!

  3. Marirose Ziemba says:

    The VJT was the first team I joined way back when I first started to sell on Etsy. At that time I was selling antiques in a shop. I sold mostly furniture and some smalls, but also had a display case with jewelry. A new dealer came into the shop and set up her display case full of beautiful vintage jewelry. I so admired it, and told her so. Everything she had in her case was described so well where as mine was just blue rhinestone necklace or bracelet. I found out she was also an etsy seller and I was always picking her brain about her jewelry. Finally one day she told me about the team she had just started and invited me to join. It was the VJT and she was our first captain. All I knew about vintage jewelry then was that It was beautiful and I loved it. The team started with just discussions about jewelry then more and more sellers joined and shared their knowledge not only about jewelry, but also about selling it and researching it and so many other things. We added team leaders, and then new captains. Each new captain, leader and member brought more wonderful information and new ideas and generously shared their knowledge with us all. All of us who have the privilege of being members of this team can I’m sure attest to the fact that together we have learned so much and together we have all grown and improved our shops. Personally I can also attest to the fact that while I still love vintage jewelry and still think it’s beautiful I now know it’s history and can describe it, correctly and when I can’t I know where to go to get the friendly help and information I need. I can’t say enough wonderful things about this team it’s captain, leaders and members past and present. I honestly don’t know where I’d be today without all of you. Thank you all!

    • Darlene says:

      Marirose ~ you are certainly an ‘honorary’ member of the VJT and have always supported the team and contributed so much over the years, we owe you many thanks!

      I am right there with you to say that I’m not sure where I would be without all the guidance, encouragement and knowledge others have shared with me about vintage jewelry and the goings on in the etsy and online marketplace that this team has provided in the past and continues to offer today along with the added perk of the current team’s social marketing efforts.
      When someone has a whole team to contribute to all these aspects…..well, you just can’t beat that!

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