The Thrill of the Hunt – My List of Treasure Hunting Tips and Tricks

Treasure Hunting Tips

Whether you’re a seller, collector, or someone who’s just charmed by lovely pieces of the past, here are some suggestions on where to find unique selections and how to get the best price. With treasure hunting tips for finding and shopping the best locations

Treasure Hunting Tips to find the Best Locations

Antique Treasure Hunting TipsBrick and Mortar Antique Shops and Malls are great places to shop. Shopping at these venues can be fun and educational. Be sure to pay attention to how dealers display the items in their booths. As you look, picture them in your own home.

Also, read the information provided on the price tags. Usually, dealers include the item’s age and interesting facts. But, don’t be afraid to ask the dealers questions. Most will be more than happy to help you. It’s always good to touch feel and compare items in person. Doing so can greatly help you to identify and spot fakes in the future.

Consignment Shops are popping up everywhere. And, they’re really great places to shop for vintage and antiques. Unlike antique shops and malls, these stores have ever-changing inventory. Normally, these shops will reduce prices every few weeks. Be sure to check back often to get your best price.

Thrift Stores, Garage Sales, and More

Thrift Store Treasure Hunting TipsThrift Stores can sometimes be good places to find treasures at bargain prices. These stores can be hit or miss. But, if you’re willing to look you could get lucky and find yourself a real prize. Garage Sales are akin to thrift stores in that they can be hit or miss as well. So, don’t pass them by. You may be passing up a great treasure.

Roadside sales can also surprise you with unexpected and bargain-priced finds. Another plus is the items are being sold by their original owners. Therefore they can provide you with some great information and history.

Flea Markets are fun places to find all kinds of wonderful treasures. Usually, these sales are held monthly outdoors during warmer weather. But, there are many indoor flea markets as well. Sellers at these venues can be random people selling their personal items. Or, they can be professional sellers. Either way, most market sellers tend to price to sell. Most are also willing to cut you a deal if you ask.

Auctions and Online Sales

Auction Treasure Hunting TipsShopping at auctions online or in person can be amazing sources for collectors and sellers alike. Most will allow you to preview items so you know what you are bidding on. Word to the wise… Decide what you can afford to spend on each piece you are bidding on. And, don’t go over that price.

Bidding wars can be extremely costly. Remember, besides your winning bid price the auction house may also charge you a premium. So, if you want to try online auctions, check for those that are in close proximity to you. That way you can pick up the items you win instead of paying for shipping.

Another great shopping source is Online Selling Venues. My personal favorite, provides a virtual wealth of shopping opportunity. Online shoppers can find unique treasures from many shops worldwide. What could be better than shopping while sitting in your chair and sipping your favorite beverage? Find what you love and click… It’s yours and it will be delivered to your door. That’s what I call Awesome!

Treasure Hunting Tips for Estate Sales

Treasure Hunting Tips for Estate SalesEstate Sales are my favorite choice for treasure hunting. Online sites like post sales listed by professional estate sale companies. Most sales include descriptions and pictures of items in the sales. So, look and read to decide if the sale has items of interest to you. A lot of these sites allow you to sign up stating your location. They will then send you notice of sales going on in your area in weekly emails.

Usually, estate sale companies price items to sell. Although, they may give you better prices if you’re buying in volume. Many also do half price on all items the last day of the sale.

Do note that, estate sales are favorites of many antique and vintage sellers. Also, if you plan to attend a sale know this. These sales are conducted in private homes. As a result, space is usually tight. Therefore the number of people allowed in at once is limited.

A good sale will have many dealers in attendance. Some will arrive really early to make sure they’re first in line. Do be prepared to go early. Especially if there is something at that sale you really want.
You will most likely have to wait in line for a while. So, always dress for the weather.

Treasure Hunting Tips About the Tools of the Trade

Now you know where to find and how to buy your treasures. But don’t leave for that sale yet. First arm yourself with these tips of the trade.

Dressing for Success

Treasure Hunting TipsIf shopping outdoors, keep an eye on the weather and dress accordingly and comfortably. Also, sometimes you can get your best deals in the worst weather. A hooded rain jacket may come in handy. And a rainy day may make your shopping adventure even better.

Hands-Free is Key

There’s nothing worse than not being able to pick up that fabulous find because your hands are full. If at a shop or estate sale, bring items you plan to buy to the checkout. Ask if you can make a pile. Then shop on to your heart’s content.

Big purses are a no-no. They get in your way. Also, a lot of shops will frown on them. Some will not allow them because of theft. Wear clothing with pockets instead. Shopping a market or other outdoor sale? Wear a backpack or bring a small rolling cart or wagon.

Treasure Hunting Tips on Things to Bring With You

Never go picking without these. Eyeglasses if you need them, Sunglasses for outdoors, Jeweler’s Loup or Magnifying Glass, Small Measuring Tape, Cell Phone for pictures, identification, and price checking.

Cash is still King

Always bring plenty of cash in small bills! Don’t lose a treasure because the seller can’t break your large bill. Yes, most dealers can now take credit or debit cards. But, the fact is those transactions have fees that the sellers have to pay. You can always get a better price or deal if you pay with cash.

In Conclusion

Whether buying for yourself or to sell always buy the best you can afford. But most of all, try using these treasure hunting tips and have fun on your next adventure!

The Thrill of the Hunt – My List of Treasure Hunting Tips and Tricks - Vintage Jewelry Team : Whether you’re a seller, collector, or someone who’s just charmed by lovely pieces of the past. There are treasure hunting tips we all can use.
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6 thoughts on “The Thrill of the Hunt – My List of Treasure Hunting Tips and Tricks

  1. Darlene says:

    Marirose, fantastic article! I have learned to always carry my jeweler’s loupe and try to have enough cash on hand for those estate/flea/garage sales, but you know how that can go, lol.
    Happy treasure hunting to all!

    • Marirose Ziemba says:

      Darlene Thank you! I always have my loupe with me too. People always say wow you have that in your purse? My answer… Yep I have everything in my purse. Ha And, many are the times that by the end of the sale or sales I’m at I’ve run out of cash and ended up paying that extra fee for whatever I’m buying. I hate that! But that usually means I’ve bought A Lot! lol

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