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Positively AI: Artificial Intelligence for Human Beings

AI - Hubble Photo of Galaxy

Artificial Intelligence to some of us seems like outer space. Marta brings it down to earth and into our online shops…  So as promised I am going to do my best to discuss a few things about AI (Artificial Intelligence), that I am hearing from industry techies. AI is presently changing online selling on the […]

The Thrill of the Hunt – My List of Treasure Hunting Tips and Tricks

Treasure Hunting Tips

Whether you’re a seller, collector, or someone who’s just charmed by lovely pieces of the past, here are some suggestions on where to find unique selections and how to get the best price. With treasure hunting tips for finding and shopping the best locations Treasure Hunting Tips to find the Best Locations Brick and Mortar […]

Tips and Tricks You Can Use to Improve Your Etsy Google Traffic

Etsy Google Traffic

Ok, let’s face it, with all the changes to Etsy’s search algorithms over the past year it’s hard to make it without good Etsy Google Traffic. That part of the Etsy Stats labeled “External Search”. But how can you improve that without investing more time than you have? Or worst paying out the nose to […]

Photo Advise from VJT Members for Crisp Detailed Jewelry Photography

Photo Advice

Ok, so we have all been there. Searching for photo advice and lost trying to read the photography jargon most experts spew.  By the way what the heck is an “F-stop”  and why do I need “Circles of Confusion”? Isn’t that what I’m trying to avoid? Anyway, it got me to thinking. Some of the members […]

Etsy Shipping, Know Your Options to get Cash Back from Credit Cards

Etsy Shipping

The one thing that is constant on Etsy seems to be “Change” as we saw recently with the Etsy Shipping. and Billing changes. These were two changes that did cause quite a stir. Where some grumbled and others quit. As business owners we always have options, and it is always best to know your options, Even […]

Introducing the Vintage Jewelry Team’s New Blog

New Blog

Welcome to the new blog for the Vintage Jewelry Team. In a recent conversation with Darlene, the Vintage Jewelry Team’s new Captain, I was asked to manage the team blog. Yet with the changes to the team over the last couple months, no one had access to the existing page. Which prompted me to look into […]