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How to Identify Handmade Native American and Mexican Jewelry

Native American and Mexican Jewelry

My introduction to Native American and Mexican jewelry came early during my childhood, as my mother ran her Mexican Craft Shop based in Portland, Oregon. She kept her own collection of Southwestern turquoise and silver jewelry and made many trips to Mexico to fill up her shop. I was captivated by turquoise and silver, and […]

Vintage Jewelery Inspired by Celtic Styles during the 20th-Century

Celtic Inspired Vintage Jewelery

As vintage jewellery hunters and sellers, we often come across Celtic styled or inspired jewellery, most of it made in the 20th Century. Celtic styles are striking in that they are ancient in origin but appeal to modern tastes. The inspirational spirit of the natural world and mystical symbolic qualities which for all sorts of […]

2019 Vintage Valentines Jewelry Ideas from the Vintage Jewelry Team

Valrntines Gift Ideas

Now that Christmas has come and gone, and the bite of winter’s chill grips the night. It’s time to start pondering February’s Valentines Gift Ideas for that special person who holds your heart. Which is only natural with the holiday being the second most celebrated day in the US. Some say the celebration originated as […]

How to know it’s Real and the Tricks I Use to Spot Fake Bakelite

Spot Fake Bakelite Beads

How do I Know If It’s really Bakelite? If I had a dollar for every time I’ve been asked this question, I could be wearing some very expensive Bakelite!  But I’m always glad when someone asks because it is really important to know how to spot fake Bakelite. Especially if you are thinking about starting your […]

A History of New Years Celebrations, Fashions, Jewelry, & Traditions

New Years Celebrations

As the year comes to an end some of our thoughts might be turning to the New Years Celebrations we might attend. A Jubilee which has been celebrated since 2000 BC. Although the early revelry didn’t occur on January the 1st. Instead, ancient Mesopotamians threw an 11-day festival around the Spring Equinox. As they followed the […]

A Brief History About My Passion for the Plastic Known as Bakelite

Bakelite Bracelet Header

I have a passion for plastic. More specifically, I have a passion for the plastic known as Bakelite. While I do sell other types of vintage jewelry. Such as rhinestone broaches and bracelets and enameled pins. Still, Bakelite jewelry fills most of my inventory. When I set up at antiques shows curious shoppers often question […]

Vintage Rubies to Complement Pantone’s Hot Fall Color for 2018, Red

Vintage Rubies

Webster’s dictionary states the definition of a trend as something of a prevailing tendency or inclination, a current style or preference. When we, at VintageDiamondRing, travel the world we are seeking antique and vintage engagement rings that encompass the latest trends. However, we also want antique engagement rings that are beautiful, pristine, and ones that […]

Juliana: The Queen of Mid-Century Costume Bling

My first Juliana was obtained by chance. I’d forgotten this story about finding a surprise when I purchased something until I’d begun preparing this article and omitted it from a recent interview I had with another blogger! Way back near the beginning of my adventures in selling and collecting costume jewelry I had purchased a […]

Enticing Tidbits of Turquoise Information a Little about a Huge Topic

Turqouse Information

I have to admit when first asked to write about the turquoise information I’ve learned over the years. I was a little apprehensive at first. After all, this is my first blogette and I wasn’t sure what to write about. But at the same time, I was really very excited. Turquoise Information is a huge […]

Costume Jewelry and Other Imitations, Where Did it all Begin?

Costume Jewelry

So where did costume jewelry get its start? And how did it get so big? After all imitation jewels or fakes have been around since the 18th century. But where did the term “Costume” come from? I’ve heard a couple different stories and both sound as if they could be true. But who knows? I […]