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Members Only

As a member of the Vintage Jewelry Team, you are entitled to advertise your Sale on the VJT Blog. If you are running a Sale, whether it is a % Off, Dollar Amount, or Free Shipping. Advertise your Sale in the rotating banner to the right. But Please Submit Your Advert At Least One Week Before Your Sale Starts!

Creating Your Members Only Advert

This is a fairly simple task which can be completed easily with MS Paint which comes on your computer without any special software.

To do your artwork the canvas needs to be square. I have found that 350 x 350 is the easiest size to work with.

members onlyThe final banner will be 250 x 250 but it is easier to work with the .larger size.

  • First Start a New Canvas.
  • Then using the Resize Tool in Paint shown to the left set the Horizontal and Vertical to 350 (You may need to uncheck Maintain Aspect Ratio) and click ok.
  • Do your¬†Artwork.

The font you use should be bold and italic is fine but stay away from cursive style fonts, as they are harder to see when reduced.

While the font size should be 20 or larger.

Also, remember when you are adding text to click “Transparent” as shown above.

When choosing your artwork simple patterns or solid colors will work best. You don’t want the artwork to be so busy that it hides your information.

While bright backgrounds with dark letters or dark backgrounds with bright letters pop the best.

And contrasting colors will add a nice touch as well.

Checking Your Members Only Advert

members onlyOnce you have completed your advert use the resize tool in “Paint” to check your work.

Again, the advert you send me needs to be 250 x 250 so if you have been working with a 350 x 350 canvas resize it now and check o see that everything looks good to you.

This is how your advert will look on the VJT Blog.

At this point, if you are happy with your ad you can submit it to the blog using the Contact Form below.

All fields are required. I need:

  • Your Shop Name
  • The Starting Date for Your Sale
  • The Ending Date for Your Sale
  • And the Uploaded File of Your Advert

If I need to contact you for any reason I will convo you through Etsy.

Please Submit Your Advert At Least One Week Prior To The Start Of Your Sale