Welcome to our Seasonal Treasury Galleries

If you love whimsical jewelry or just in a novelty state of mind you’re sure to enjoy browsing through our Seasonal Treasury Galleries.

Much like the treasuries which use to be so popular on Etsy. These lists are created by the members of the Vintage Jewelry Team to highlight the playful side of vintage jewelry. Whether your favorite season is Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter.

Or maybe your searching for the perfect holiday piece to show off your festive cheer. These shortlists will give you the opportunity to see what is available. As well as a chance to see wonderful personalities which make up the Vintage Jewelry Team.

One note of interest which will help you when viewing these galleries. At the top of each list is a checkbox which will filter out any listing which has sold or are no longer available. So enjoy your stay, there are loads of whimsical novelty pieces featured to highlight the fun side of Vintage Jewelry.

Also, don’t forget to check out our Latest Listings page which is a feed from Vintage Jewelry Shops from around the globe.