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Dance with Jewels: Vintage, Repurposed and Artisan Jewelry

Dance with Jewels- Harriet Banner

The song lyrics by Seals & Crofts “Summer breeze, makes me feel fine, blowing through the jasmine in my mind” comes to me when browsing Dance with Jewels, the Etsy shop own by Harriet. It is a combination shop, specializing in vintage, repurposed and her own handcrafted jewelry. It makes you want to go on […]

ButterSideDown Selling Online Creatively Designed Costume Jewelry


ButterSideDown is the vintage jewelry shop owned by Scott on Etsy. The first thing that strikes me about Scott’s shop is the variety of costume jewelry from whimsical and fun, to dignified and charming. It is delightful to browse through his items and to learn about Scott’s business. Margie: So, Scott, what pathways led you […]

Jewel Bird Vintage from England with Beautiful Jewelry


Sometimes when I am looking at Vintage Jewelry Team Members’ Shops, one will stand out. Our member Sally’s shop, Jewel Bird Vintage, got my immediate interest. I think it was because her items are just lovely.  It is our pleasure to introduce you to Sally. Margie: Hi, Sally. What got you started collecting vintage jewelry? […]

Vintage Jewelry Team Has Educational Focus and Social Media Venues

Vintage Jewelry Captain, Darlene shares her thoughts… Recently, a newer member asked me what the Vintage Jewelry Team was all about and how we can help promote each other…so I thought I’d share my reply to her and add to it in an article for the Team’s Blog. What is the Vintage Jewelry Team? According […]

Era Antiques and Finds: A Shop Full of Love, Joy and Wonderful Items

Era Antiques and Finds

Era Antiques and Finds is the shop of longtime Vintage Jewelry Team member Marirose. From the minute I read my first online post from Marirose, I felt her joy and love for life, a sincere connection with people and a true admiration for the things she collects and sells. Margie: Hello, Marirose. It is pleasure […]

24 Wishes Vintage Online Shop is a Team Effort

24 Wishes Vintage

We are delighted to introduce one of our new Vintage Jewelry Team Members, 24 Wishes Vintage, a vintage jewelry shop. This online business is a team effort made up of family members Jennifer, Mary, and Peggy. Jennifer has agreed to be the spokesperson for their group. Margie: Welcome 24 Wishes Vintage. Jennifer, what got you into collecting […]

Lady Loves Treasures Owner Cathy Collects and Sells Her Valuable Finds

Lady Loves Treasures

Lady Loves Treasures vintage jewelry shop owner Cathy is a new member to the Vintage Jewelry Team. However, she has had her Etsy shop since 2013 and been a collector for many years.  A passionate collector, Cathy’s story is a good one and her shop has many interesting, wonderful items. Margie: Let’s start with, how, why […]

Jeweled Rose 2: Fine Jewelry, Great Advice, and a Wonderful Owner

What strikes me about Jeweled Rose 2 Fine Jewelry Shop on Etsy, is the attention to details from the jewelry, to the shop policies. Everything is well thought out in a professional way with the focus on the customer. We got to talk to the owner, Lori, about her shop, vintage jewelry and her journey to […]

Greg DeMark Jewelry Owner: Artist, Collector and Seller

Greg DeMark Jewelry

Greg, the owner of the online shop Greg DeMark Jewelry, is a long time member of Esty’s Vintage Jewelry Team.  What I found out is that Greg is a talented jewelry designer and artist who is a long time collector of vintage jewelry. I am always fascinated how collectors start their collection. But as an […]

EstatesinTime Shop Owner Bruce: The Man Behind This Blog

EstatesinTime Shop, a vintage online store is owned by Bruce, a member of the Vintage Jewelry Team’s leadership and the administrator of this blog. The team was ecstatic when Bruce said he would be willing to be our blog administrator. We were happy for good reasons. Bruce brings a lot of experience in computers, writing […]